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The Conyers Stake Youth love to serve others.

You can see some of that service in this brief video

Goal Setting

Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, Physical

What are you doing to meet your personal Goals?

Come Follow Me Youth

Sunday Lessons

Studying from the Doctrine and Covenants


How Elder Bednar Hears Him

How Sister Bingham Hears Him

How Elder Ballard Hears Him

How Elder Stevenson Hears Him

How Elder Holland Hears Him

How Elder Uchtdorf Hears Him

How Elder Gong Hears Him

How Sister Jones Hears Him

What happens when we mute the noise around us, and listen with our hearts? That's when we can feel the influence of Jesus Christ.


Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice

Ignite Positive Spiritual Momentum -

    1-Get on the Covenant Path and Stay There

    2- Discover the Joy of Daily Repentance

    3- Learn about God and How He Works

    4- Seek and Expect Miracles

    5- End Conflict in your Personal Life

Promised blessings from doing the above 5 things: 

 I promise you the ability to move forward on the covenant path with increased momentum, despite whatever obstacles you face. And I promise you greater strength to resist temptation, more peace of mind, freedom from fear, and greater unity in your families.

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